Archive | June 2016

Tales of a Tired Mama

It is currently in the middle of the night and I am awake with a fussy infant. I have tried everything I can think of to soothe her. I’ve walked with her, bounced with her, rocked her, given her food, laid her down and nothing seems to help. I know that she is not feeling well, yet nothing seems to be working.

Even at this late/early hour I know God is revealing Himself to me.

Sometimes, I wonder if God feels the same with me. He tries everything to console my nerves and what ails my soul but I am so worked up I can’t slow down enough to let any of His efforts take effect.  Sometimes I just can’t stop focusing on my spiritual discomfort that I completely ignore His loving efforts to console me. Instead, I fuss, whine, cry and complain until I pass out from spiritual exhaustion.

Just as I try to train my daughter to sleep so He is training me to love. Love right now, means being awake so my daughter has someone to love her as she fusses. She knows I am here and right now that is all I can give her. Just like the Lord, I know He is in my struggles and that He cares. He is there just waiting for me to give into His comforts.


Update: My little one barely slept last night. Finally, when I was at my wits end and she was screaming in pain I began to shower her head with kisses. Within a minute she was asleep. So often I wish I would give into the tenderness of God and let peace come over my soul. Babies are such sweet vessels for God to teach me through.