Why Veronica’s Violets?

Who is Veronica A. Ryan?

profile picI’m a down to earth stay at home mom with a passion for writing, theology and my family. I graduated from Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas as well as the Augustine Institute in Denver, Colorado. I have given talks to young people on topics such as the Paschal Mystery, Scripture, Confirmation and Sacred Architecture. I have also been published in the AI Alumni Newsletter, the Bible Study Lectio: Eucharist, the Catholic online magazine Radiance + Grace, and a devotional. Thank you for coming to my blog! I hope you read it with a smile.

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My Mission

At its core, this blog’s mission is to help people to take a step back and see God working in their lives. As a part of the New Evangelization I hope to help curious Catholics come to terms with aspects of the Church in a real and tangible way. Each page here acts as a different part of the beauty of truth. First, there is Lectio Divina. Here, the posts will be more theologically centered and based on Scripture. The rest of the site draws on these truths and brings them into light. Next, we have spiritual snippets which are short reflections (1000 words or less) and challenges about the faith. Finally, the full bloom is born in the Violets section which are longer and more in depth reflections on truths about the faith, life and God.


St. Veronica is the woman who is said to have been at the road of Calvary during Christ’s Passion. As he carried his cross, her heart went to her Lord who was in such agony. Longing to comfort him she offered him her veil. In this small gesture, she offered the Lord of the universe a chance to wipe the blood and sweat from his face. In return for her kind gesture, the image of his face was left impressed on the fabric. What St. Veronica did with her veil is what I hope to do with my life and writing.


Angelica, Mother Angelica. Have you read her book? If you haven’t, read it. Her example of staunch determination, pure trust in God and sense of humor  is astounding. It is what gave me the courage to venture down this path of writing.


Legacy is an important part of life. I have been blessed with a great family and Ryan is a family name passed down by my Irish ancestors.

Why violets?

They are small and relatively insignificant compared to many larger flowers in the world. Yet, have you ever smelt a violet? Their beautiful scent is enough to catch the attention of a passerby and cause them to look for the source of the aroma.

St. Maria Faustina is a saint dear to my heart. In her diary she wrote:

“The beautiful lily, the lovely rose can all be seen from afar, but in order to see a little violet, one has to bend low; only its scent gives it away.”

This blog is my violet to God. It is a small voice in a garden of many voices. There are many out there in the world doing great things in bringing people closer to God. I want to be a part of that in a small way. I simply want to write things that will touch the hearts of people and give them hope. I pray that each post contains the beautiful sweet scent which will bring others closer to the Lord.

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